Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Streaker Dick and the Matzo Balls

No, I haven't sold out to my true self, trying to get extra hits on my blog with the promise of perversions.. Dick is an old friend of mine.. Actually, quite a pivotal friend, as I met him in my early twenties when I was just making some big discoveries in life. One of them was running. Dick had a little sporting good store in Ulster county, and in addition to having a 20 year running streak (yeah, that's right, he hasn't missed a single day of running.. Not for a broken ankle, birth of a child, lost Yankees game..) .. now it's actually 30 consecutive years.. So in addition to that cool little accolade, and of course, we all want friends that are unique.. I could always get great running advise from Dick.. So Dick comes by last night to visit.. He's got a tight hamstring from too much running and too little stretching.. He asks for a tennis ball to work it out (this works amazingly well, by the way.. You have to just sit on the floor and let your leg weight-bare on the tennis ball, it feels great and painful at the same time).. So then I offer him my very last bowl of chicken soup w matzo balls that I made to heal myself.. He's enjoying his bowl of soup, sporting these snazzy orange wool socks (runners have some wild socks..).. And he's really not too sure about those matzo balls.. 'You know, these would work great on my hamstring', he says.. I swear, they weren't anywhere NEAR the consistency of a tennis ball, I don't know what his issue was with them! I think they scared him..
Well, I took a pic of Dick and the orange socks eating his matzo ball soup, but sorry, my computer's rebeling and not allowing any proof. OK, so the nicest part of today was that I really feel better.. I tested the waters with a run on the trail I usually run on.. I felt great, the sun was out for once this year, and I was so thankful to be able to run and feel healthy again.. Then in the distance running the opposute direction, I saw a slim figure approaching me.. My friend Donna! Our schedules are so different, we rarely are able to run together, but it worked out perfectly.. She was on the final leg of a 20 mile run, so she was really happy to have someone to entertain her for a few miles.. And I was in such a great mood (for once!) that I didn't bring her down.. I was tempted to tell her about all the psychological warfare that took place at my last race.. But I don't want her to think I'm too much of a psycho, especially in the great mood that I was in.. Did you ever notice that once you've discovered some subject that's slightly touchy with a particular friend, for some reason, you gravitate towards it? I know Donna doesn't like to hear about me feeling insecure or untrusting in social situations, I guess it makes HER feel vulnerable.. But I don't seem to be able to stop myself from doing it, like I'm trying to test a theory.. I think that's how marriages fall apart.. We're always trying to test each other, press the bruises.. Just because they're green and purple, and we expect there to be pain when we press down on them, but still, wouldn't it be fun to just test it? Maybe this time it won't hurt if I press it? It's so much fun though, LOVE pressing the bruises!!!!!


~Deb said...

Interesting story! I wonder if Donna does take offense to certain personal feelings that you have about yourself, and I also wonder why would she would feel vulnerable if those are 'your' feelings? I think friends are able to share how they feel; without reservations of another person feeling as though it may be directed at them. If you aren't able to share how you feel--then maybe that friendship isn't a good one? I'm just guessing cause your post made me really think here...

Great concept with the tennis ball!

TrappedInColorado said...

Wow. You are sooo deep! My brain hurts so I am going to say... "What Deb said". You ran the Bolder Boulder in '91? Did you know that you are required by Colorado Rnning Law statute 203/1W to run it again within 15 years? Violation of that law is a fine and jail time. Just want you to know. I'll send the site to sign up for this years race when I find it. I am such a nice guy. Considerate. Altruistic.


Jon said...

I'm glad you're feeling better and enjoying the good weather. We hit 68 yesterday, but then today our high was 43, dropped quickly , then a sudden snow storm this afternoon. It was short lived and melted right away.

The warm weather, and now your posts is inspiring me to get my bike out for some easy trail riding. Maybe if the warm weather returns this weekend.

tamar said...

Hi All! Thanks for the comments..

~Deb I'm glad that made you think, cause maybe you can help ME figure it all out.. Donna is a good friend, I know she's genuine.. But I've also noticed that she gets quiet when I relay feelings of insecurity.. Like she can't relate at all, which doesn't make sense.. I think it is because she has a tough exterior.. Always goes back to childhood defenses..

~Trapped.. interesting statute.. I believe that race is in may, and I will be running another race the same day this year.. I'll have to brek the law!

~Jon bizarre weather your having, here in ny too, it's been strange.. hope you do get out on the bike, it feels great after a long hibernation..