Monday, March 06, 2006

A good day for REM and Math..

Hello, Deb's loyal readers! OK, how great a gal is she? Not only drags my sick butt to the doctor, after buying me tulips and sick-person goods, but then links me to her own blog! This girl is the most generous-hearted person I've ever met. The bad news is, you all have no idea who you are now stuck with .. And neither do I.. I'd love to stick some random photos in here to liven this whole experience up for those that took the time to meander over.. OK, that took about ten minutes, will have to save that trick for next time. This experience is a bit humbling, as I'm not very fluent with the tools for blogging, and feel like a child in a bad way.. Meaning I feel impatient and would love to just decorate here and there and embellish this post with some fun graphics, but being ignorant to this, am being forced to stick with the writing.. Which in itself is great, but this is a little scarey.. I suppose.. Wondering who is reading this and judging this.. And mostly hoping I'm not boring someone to tears who is being polite to Deb by reading my blog.. It doesn't even feel worthy of the 'blog' title..
A little about me: This is one of the few times I'm absent from my job.. It feels really strange, and I'm putting so much pressure on myself to figure out what other career I should be gravitating towards, that I 'm actually missing my high-stress job! Today was my first official day back at work, after missing 1 full week.. I felt OK, was nice to see everyone, we sit in little cubicles in this call center, the girls that sit in front of me looked relieved that I'd returned.. I'm kind of like the big sister, provide them with a lot of comic relief throughout the day.. I was touched to note several trash gossip magazines made their way to my desk for entertainment.. Brought a toy chicken that lays jellybeans for one girl, Melissa.. Inside joke.. I told her you put the jellybeans in the chicken's head, and then press it's wing and it lays eggs.. Melissa's from the city.. 'You mean the eggs come out of her koolie??' I think that's the word she used, it sounded approriate, so I agreed.. She appreciated her toy chicken.. A few minutes later, while this other woman was filling me in on some meeting I missed, I started getting really light-headed.. Back to the doctor to try and get him to agree to short-termed disability.. He checked all the vital stuff.. Said I'm in perfect shape.. But took some blood for good measure and told me to come back Wednesday.. So it's all in my head! But I was SOOO happy to be able to go back home.. Nothing like the comfort of home after a morning of harsh realities in the office.. OK, exchanging toys doesn't sound very traumatic, but trust me, my job can get really brutal.. Petty politics, whining grown customers that are looking for mental punching bags, constantly increasing sales goals and continual reminders throughout the day of all this.. I'm usually daydreaming about winning a race somewhere on another continent.. But you're pulled back to reality within seconds.. Yeah, it's nice to be writing to you all and listening to REM.. And not doing Math.. I was able to add that to my list of careers I will not choose to pursue in the future..
Good Night, good wishes to all...


Romeo Jensen said...

Hey Tamar... welcome to the blogosphere!!

I consider Deb my big sister... don't exactly know how that happened and all... kinda an armistice cause we kept fighting over the same blogger girls... plus we're bith Italian (me 1/2) and... well she has this motherly thing going on with me too... which is good cause i need to be watched 24/7

well i keep checkin back on ya... any dirt we can get on Deb is all good in my book


tamar said...

Hey Romey,
Thanks for stopping in.. I think Deb said on a previous comment that you're like her true personality, but revealed.. Something like that.. Dirt on Deb? Why would you want to gossip about your own sistah'? Sorry, no dirt here..

Mike said...

My kid worked at a call center briefly a couple years ago as a summer job....he lasted all summer but it cemented his resokve to finisf

Glad to see another post and hope you're feeling 100% soon!

Mike said...

Oh....and has Deb told you about the wedding yet?.....

just wondering....


~Deb said...

Mike....shhhhh...she thinks I'm a lesbian.

Tamar...TOOTS....I love you!!! I do! And thank you for saying those kind words about me.

I remember when we worked together, you made my day so much better. Remember the time you would cheer me up with that ox looking like statue on your desk? It made me laugh...the Wildebeast! That's the name of that thing!

I tried to prank you today at work...but you were home sick.

I hope you're feeling better. I'm sure everyone at work misses you. Who's gonna ~hit da' man~?????

You definitely have to post some of your photos on here---cause you have some interesting pics!

And Romey----I'm MOTHERLY? Ugh...He makes me feel so fricken old! MEN!

I'm happy to see a post on here! I hope to see MUCH more! You're an incredible writer with a lot to share with the world sweetie!

Love to you!!!

Your freaKY sister ~of the assumption~

P.S. Did you see what Stevo wrote on my blog with your post? He calls him and the boys on his blog, the brothers of the consumption! ha!

TrappedInColorado said...

I have just one thing to say to you, Tamar! What the hell are haw-flakes? Deb and Jon can run up the bar tab all they want while you make fish faces at me. :) Ofcourse, if you decide to go with Jon then Deb and I will sit at the bar and talk about you two and plan/execute elaborate pranks on you. Although my pranks tend to be quite elaborate so you will have to stay in town for awhile.

A jelly bean pooping rubber chicken, huh? Now I really want to meet you!

Deb? If you read this I agree to all your chaperone rules. Well, maybe.


tamar said...

Mike~ your son lasted a full summer in a call center? that's longer than most of the guys last in ours.. you really can't have a combative personality in this business..

Deb~ hi sweetie! yes, I still have the wildebeest, best toy I ever bought.. funny how corporate visitors never seem to comment on him, as though it's perfectly normal to have a plastic wildebeest sitting on your desk..
'little brothers of the comsuption', that was great, I forgot about that! haha..

Trapped in Co~ you don't know what haw-flakes are? It's a chinese snack, comes in a little cylinder like candy, tastes a little like fruit roll-up.. I used them as door prizes once at my birthday party..

~Deb said...

Now how in the world did I miss that party. Or were those 'fruit rollups' really dental dams in diguise.


tamar said...

deb~ you were a mere 15 yrs old during that party, you still would have had fun.. that's when I was hanging out w my friend Jason who is your male twin.. same sign, mom's name, orientation.. do you have a twin?

TrappedInColorado said...

Dental dams! You are a riot, Deb!!

Jon said...

"the eggs come out of her koolie?" OMG!

Great post... I hope you are back to 100% soon