Friday, March 03, 2006

One Desolate Blog..

Who but a true Luddite would have accidentally created a blog in a failed attempt to post a comment on a friend's blog? OK, if anyone's reading this, apologies for the emptiness.. I'm too sick to continue with this today.. Hopefully I'll remember I created this tomorrow.. Peace to all..


~Deb said...

Hello darling...I am so happy I am the first to comment. I'm linking you to my crazy blog if you don't mind.

I can't wait to see some of your terrific writing!

Love ya sweetie!!! Feel better! Blog soon!

Blog. Isn't that a funny word? Blog. Blog. Blog. Say it a few times.

TrappedInColorado said...

I'm the first real man to comment. Do I get to fly you out for that dinner? ;)



~Deb said...

As long as I can chaperone you two.


1. Upscale restaurant only
2. Tamar's friend Deb gets to order whatever she wants...on you...(well not on you per se...but on your tab)
3. We need to be put up in a very high priced suite. Luxury only. Non-smoking please.
4. No playing footsies under the table.
5. Making fish faces while drinking a martini is a no no. (Tamar will understand this one)
6. Please leave pea-coats at home. (This means Maddie too)
7. Please do not describe in detail what hue your phlegm is.
8. Please chew with your mouth closed.
9. Do not ask for measurements of any kind.
10. Fly us first class please.

If you have any questions about the above rules, please contact management. Thank you.


Mike said...

Looking forward to seeing more writing here. Enjoyed your guest blog on Deb's site.

Hope ya get feeling better quickly!

Big Mama said...

Hey, I enjoyed you on Deb's blog too!!! Hopefully we will see you up and blogging in no time. Hope you feel better soon...

Jon said...

Welcome to the blogosphere Tamar.

Hopefully when you are feeling better you will remember your password and start some great posts like we all know you are already capable of.

I'm not sure having Deb here as chaperone is a god thing. I'll bet she'll drink a lot and from the third-wheel seat she'll be spoiling the night. .. just kidding Deb.

Tamar, if you come for a date with Trapped (although I am the better choice :P) you could always call me in as Deb's date. She and I will run up a bar tab on Trapped while you make those fish faces all you want.

What is a pea coat? AT least it is spelled pea

~Deb said...


Is it spelled pea? Or P-coat? I have no clue! Why you testing my patience here bud!??? (hehe)

I think we lost Tamar here. I hope she remembered her password. We may have to hack in for her.

Of course I will be on this date. Both you and trapped will be there, and by my third drink, I'll be on the floor foaming at the all rules that I declared will be out the window.

Anyway, I'm outa' here. I'm gonna prank Tamar at her job now.

Over & out!

tamar said...

Hey guys! Now this is REALLY touching! The comments exceed the actual blog-length! Thank-you all for your support..

Sorry I wasn't at work for you to prank me.. I started feeling dizzy as Molly was filling me in on some meeting.. How convenient!

Prizes for the first male respondee!! Don't get too excited, my door prizes tend to be of the haw-flakes variety.. Something you probably can't find in the entire state of Colorado..

Thanks for your support!

Big Mama~
Ditto, and your ph0to reminds me of my sister Annas's favorite cat, (mine too), Jennifer..

Another Coloradan? So much altitude training, I may win some races yet..

green said...

Ok I'm about six or seven posts late in commenting here, so welcome to blogger land, Tamar.

But beware, blogging can be addictive (ask anyone & I'm sure they'll agree.

BTW I'm that crazy guy (well not really) that [I hope} deb~ told you about from Noo Hamsha.