Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Avoiding nanoing, avoiding it all..

George Costanza has nothing on me, as I sit typing on an abandoned workstation computer. I am at my friend's job today and tomorrow, she invited me, and I thought it would be inspiring. The building is in a great spot near Central Park, perfect views of prewar architectural detailing visible from every window. I've been entrusted with the company door codes, invited to join in on the holiday pies, and introduced to the big boss and several cheerful co-workers. I can barely contain my mirth as I help myself to the break room amenities. I feel like screaming out, 'I AM A CHARLATAN! I'M NOT EVEN ON PAYROLL!!' but everyone seems content with my presence. I wonder what would happen if I kept showing up for work, day after day? Would I be placed on payroll by default? This computer was running slow, so I joked with my friend Sandra, 'Do you guys have an IT person? I can't get any work done like this..' She started dialing his extension.. 'No, I was kidding.. ' The rain just let up.. Sandra and I will be heading out for our afternoon run in the park soon.. I'm trying to remember why I found office life so painful before, this is really a hoot..


Jon said...

Not every place is going to be a dung heap like your last job.

Anonymous said...

Tamar: Glad you found your visit to the office OK and that the folks where you visited accepted you. Did you have a nice run in park?


tamar said...

jon~ well, that is true.. but I think my joy in being in an office was more related to the lack of commitment to my stay there..

kevin~ thanks for asking.. it was a great day to run in my favorite park, and I have so many nice memories of running races there.. but no, I didn't have a good run.. I bonked.. after 3 miles! how is your running going?

paper writing said...

hey tamar! i can totally relate to this i have gone through this phase too! i love your content bro! keep it up and i wish you the best for your future. take care of yourself :)