Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It's 'Pick a Caption' time!

Pick your favorite caption to this recent New Yorker magazine cartoon. (Hint: one of the choices was composed by this blogger).

Frankly, Mr. Johnson, our law firm just doesn't need a
Classical linguist at this time.

So why did you leave Red Lobster?

So you think you're ready for the corner tank?


Anonymous said...

"So why did you leave Red Lobster" is the one I like the best. The linguist and corner tank didn't do it for me, especially after remembering my various interviews over the years.

I thought this was a cute cartoon.


Jon said...

I thought of my own..

"Sorry, there must have been a misprint... We need someone to work the crust station"

I know.. .lame, but it's what popped into my head

Jon said...

I thought of a dirty one too, but i didn't want to share it

tamar said...

Kevin~ I liked that one too, but not as much as my own! (the linguist one)- as 'Just' said, 'el gustos no hay disgustos'..

Jon~ I love yours! You should go to their website and submit a caption, they have a weekly contest. Glad you didn't print the other one, afterall, I am hoping to be a teacher one day and may have hundreds of impressionable kiddies checking out my blog!