Thursday, May 15, 2008

Stop Feeding them Cinnamon!

At the risk of ruining a lifetime reputation as a 'nice person', I have to share my unkind thoughts on the troll-like presence of a new generation in New York City. Introducing: Population mini-dog. Where ever you turn, there's a perfectly reasonable looking adult tethered to a toenail clicking, eye-bulging, frequently yapping micro-breed canine. Maybe it's more apparent to me as a runner, since much of my time is spent running miles around Central Park, and what more natural environment is there for a leashed little ball of wiry straw and yippability? That's the problem. They don't fit in. They haven't earned their presence. With real estate close to $1800 per square foot for a condo on the Upper West Side, what possible contribution can this homely creature make to justify his place in my park? And make he does! As my Wantagh cousins used to ask upon someone's return from walking their Great Dane Brutus, 'Did he make?' I'll leave that territory alone, because I must say, the owners of these little pitzkeles are really pretty consistent about cleaning up after them. Believe it or not, I am actually a huge animal lover, and stopped eating red meat for ethical reasons related to this love. And a huge wave of guilt washes over me every time I see one of these hideous little dogs prancing down the street, oblivious to his own objectionability. It's truly not his fault he wasn't born of larger stature, and who am I to judge him unfavorably? But my guilt is wasted, as most of these dogs were a genuine investment by someone who cherishes them. This is the part that completely confounds me. What is there to love about a smooshed faced, aggressive bundle of yips and excrement? There's an Israeli saying that translates to: In taste and smell, there is no argument. But could so many New Yorkers have such bad taste?
OK, while researching for this posting, I must admit, that SOME of these dogs I found kind of.. well, I hate to admit it, and really, very few.. but some were kind of.. cute, OK? None that I posted here, but in general- dogs are cool. They never look down their noses at you for having a frizzy hair day or running a slow 5k.
But if any of my readers finds any of these photos appealing in any way, you may just want to keep that to yourself.


Anonymous said...

Tamar: We have a 10 year old bichon frisse that is a great pet. He always greats us warmly when come home and is very little maintenance. He has the run of the home when we're gone and even though he's not allowed on the furniture, he's been know to be on the furniture when we're not home. We don't walk him often, mostly it's just letting him out in the yard for short periods.

I didn't find most of the dogs you had pictures of attractive, but I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I only had a dog for about a month when I was 8 so I didn't think I could get attached to a pet, but I'm certainly attached to our dog and vice versa.

Have you ever had a dog?


tamar said...

kevin~ hi! I hope you weren't offended by my take on small dogs :-) I've never had my own dog as an adult, but I know it is very easy to form attachments to pets. I had a kitten, shamika, for 3 weeks;my boyfriend and I moved to colorado, and she disappeared once we got there. He found her one day, she had been hit by a car. We both sat on the floor and cried for about twenty minutes. Yes, it's very easy to get attached to these little guys.

Anonymous said...

Tamar: No offense taken on small dogs. I look at some of the dogs and wonder how their owners can like them since I think their ugly, but that's being judgemental and beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

When in NYC I wonder why so many people have dogs because there's really no open space for them and they probably have small apartments. However, when I think about it our dog doesn't go outside that much and rarely leaves the lawn so I guess they don't need much space.


Just_because_today said...

En gustos no hay disgustos - the same saying in spanish. Well, it is a matter of taste and I am sure the dogs look at us and wonder the same...or for that matter, some adults wonder about me..."how can anyone find her cute???"
Yeah, en gustos no hay disgustos - thank God

tamar said...

kevin~ oh, these dogs have it REALLY good, don't worry! Most public water fountains have small plastic doggie water bowls now next to them. Kind of makes you wish you were a dog, sometimes.

just~ you KNOW you are cute, so stop that talk! ha, funny about the spanish. while I was researching and uploading photos of dogs for this post, I named the photos; one I called 'muy feo', that always makes me laugh. Do you know that Spanish song about getting rid of the ugly singers? That makes me laugh too.. I know, weird sense of humour..

dakota said...

well you KNOW how i feel about these little guys.

i think the rule for dogs is the rule for men: the smaller they are, the more attitude, the uglier they are, the smarter, the cuter they are the more they get away with, and no matter WHO they are, you're always cleaning up their shit. sorry guys...woof!

tamar said...

dakota! thanks for visiting :-)
I didn't know this philosophy of yours.. I'll have to keep that in mind :-)