Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Last Song

It's quiet now
On your little street
With the one way sign
How many travellers, missing the sign
Came up your street.
You smiled as they kept on
Driving the wrong way

It's quiet now
You thought it'd be best
To end things here
You felt him breathe in
Your scent
He felt your fear
Still you let him in
But not too close

It's quiet now
His voice touched your resolve
And parted it with conviction
You sat open mouthed and waiting
For more food to sustain you
Too late to take back
The power you gave him
To fill you with his
Intoxicating promise

It's quiet now
The embers turned to ash
Drivers now see the one way sign
You said good-bye to the one
Who made your pulse race
And blushed your face

Too close to love, too far to touch
Was it the false Messiah?
This wild rose cannot hide her thorns
A worthy soldier would find his way
Between them


Just_because_today said...

Love this part:
Too close to love, too far to touch.

This song speaks to me of disappointment. Disappointment of what? of feeling too much, of not receiving enough? There are no false Messiahs, we see what we want to see. And yes, A worthy soldier would find his way
between the thorns... if they want to.

makeaworld said...

right on sister!!!!!!!!!

Ricardo said...

Ah, there's much going in here Tamara.

Sounds like you need a fierce warrior to make you take the leap of faith again.

Not an easy thing.

Never easy to make that jump.

Jon said...

Sing it babe!

~Deb said...

"...This wild rose cannot hide her thorns
A worthy soldier would find his way
Between them."

I so didn't need to read that poem today. (I mean that in a complimentary way too.) I felt as though you wrote what I was thinking and feeling.

What lady soldier is worth it? Or what lady soldier is "strong" enough to handle the thorns that I have...and will possibly always have. Some people are just too weak to endure anything other than the average woman has to offer. There are unique, eccentric women with strong mindsets, to which some people are intimidated over--in my opinion.

This poem really struck a chord with me. Loved it.

tamar said...

just because~ I KNEW you'd love that line, it is such a YOU line! OK, and I agree, we create the false messiahs.. but I was referring to the archetype as in

makeaworld~ hallelujah!!

ricardo~ the jump is not the barrier.. it's when the fierce warrior loses his ferocity

jon~ la la la!

deb~ ah, you can relate to the songstresses plight? I thought you might be able to.. if you want to maintain the melancholy mood, listen to suzanne vega's 'the queen and the soldier', but don't stand to close to a bridge.. (don't mind my sick humor)

Anonymous said...

Tamar: Liked the last line, "A worthy soldier would find his way
Between them". I think that to make any relationship work both parties have to be resilient and want to make it work.

When you say "Too close to love, too far to touch" that speaks of the loss of commitment and resiliency needed by both parties.


Ricardo said...

"it's when the fierce warrior loses his ferocity"

Indeed. This is tantamount to the death of a warrior but not in the physical sense, it's much worse.

tamar said...

kevin~ It sounds right, what you say about making a relationship work.. My own interpretation however of the 'too close to love' line had more to do with fear than anything else..

ricardo~ it's always sad when the warrior gives up the fight.. But what else could one expect from a hatchling from the other side of the tracks?

Anonymous said...

Tamar: Fear is an interesting interpretation I hadn't thought of. Fear of what?

I expect the hatchling from the other side of the tracks to not give up and continue the fight.


Ricardo said...

Tamara the hatchling may have more fight left then we think.

tamar said...

kevin~ well, I can't give away all the secrets of the song, but I'll just remind you it's a bit of a tragic love song..
Re the visionary talents of the hatchling to see the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.. Well, I should probably stick more to my own kind.. Long distance runners have the vision! :-)

ricardo~ are you saying I have more of a fight in me or the hatchling does? The latter is the one in question; I never give up a good fight

Ricardo said...

No question of your fighting skills. I was thinking maybe the hatchling was ready to go another round to win you back. But his lack of resolve may be a blessing in disguise. Where one door closes, another opens.

~Deb said...

Ah Tamar, I've been standing on the edge of that bridge for a very long time. It's the Ketel One martinis that keep me from jumping!

Care to join me?

tamar said...

ricardo~ I suppose you're right in a general sense.. Thanks for your input..

deb~ oh, you have a lot more than the ketel one to keep you aboard! but I know what you mean, sometimes it is a beautiful elixir.. Oh, speaking of invites, there's supposed to be some get together friday.. I'll call you..

Ricardo said...

It's never fun to go through this stuff. It sucks big time and a dark cloud follows you around as you try and figure it all out.

Oh and Tamar.....bring Deb some gefilte fish so she does not die from the lobster of the feast of 7 fishes.

Ruth said...


Ruth said...

היי תמר
התרגשתי לקרא את שיר הפרדה , דרך השיר הבנתי שהיתה לך אכזבה גדולה , השקעת הרבה אנרגיה במערכת היחסים, כשבעצם, ממולך היה אדם שחשב בדרך מסוימת עם חוקים וסימני שמוכרים רק לו, ןלן בלבד. אני מבינה אותך ותומכת בך חברתי היקרה, מגיע לך יותר וכל הכבוד, השיר מקסים
אוהבת רות

tamar said...

ruti!! kol hakavod LACH!! Thanks for your support and understanding (and intelligence!) I don't know how you picked up on all of those things through this song.. maybe you are familiar with that keshet/sartan connection :-)
be'ahava gam, toda raba! xx

KevinG said...

This is really beautiful. Have you work out music for it? As a musician, I’ve always concentrated on trying to express my feelings thru the music. Either by reinterpreting some one else’s, my way or write something. I’ve often found the song writing the hardest. Of course if the song is driven by real heart felt emotion, like loss of love or loss in general it can be a powerful source or material. That’s why I dig the blues. Although I really like all music. This is really something special.

tamar said...

KevinG~ Thank-you thank-you! This song was easy to write, as with all my posts, it was driven by a need to communicate to someone. Sometimes it's just to myself, too.
I hadn't thought about adding music to it.. thanks for the idea!

Clement said...

I had not read it until now...
Yes, I think the person in your song is a false mesiah or probably rather more a coward who let himself being led in a comfortable life afraid of a more than worthy chalenge.

I know that reading this can only make him feel ashame of his behavior.