Sunday, April 02, 2006

Dried persimmons and raising Bantus..

I'm one of the biggest fans of dried fruit.. In particular, dried peaches. When done correctly, they are the most perfect food in the universe. Some fruits however, should never be dried. They can taste like a moist old sneaker. Hence, my first taste of a dried persimmon (a fruit that when fresh is quite delicious), will also be my last. OK, this is quite self-indulgent, this fruit-rant.. If anyone has been wondering where I've been, first THANK-YOU for caring! Second, sorry for neglecting you.. Third, I've been happily just not visiting the computer.. I was working on an art project with an ominous deadline, so I needed time to fret about that a few weeks while doing absolutely nothing about 'getting to business'.. Phew, it's finally finished, and I feel kind of wiped out from the effort, but cleansed and evolved.. But not anxious to get started on another one for maybe another year.. Ha ha, this from a girl who wants to quit her job to do something more creative.. I better find a sugar-daddy if that ever happens.. HA! Next to Gloria Steinheim, (sp?) I'm probably the last person in the world you'd ever find even knowing what a sugar-daddy is, much less hooking up with one.. Luxury to me is ice cubes in my drink.. Socks without holes.. Having all of my limbs.. How would I find use out of a sugar-daddy? (I keep thinking of daddy-long legs when I write that word.. Now THERE'S a useful creature.. Selflessly ridding your house of unwanted other bugs..) OK, I was really going to write about some interesting encounters in NYC this weekend, but the moment passed, and besides, I know you're all getting sick of the running stories.. Well, they'll be back, I just need a little break.. Besides, I just drank a Hoegaarden, so I'm in a festive mood..


Mike said...

I can only assume a moist old sneaker doesn't taste good.

Glad to see ya back from the 'real' world back into this one.

Wow...this comment seems so Matrixy or something.

tamar said...

Hi Mike! Yeah, but you're right.. One world is messy and unedited, the other is kind of twilight-zoney.. Thanks for visiting!

green said...

welcome back tamar!

I've never had dried peaches or persimmons.

Did your project come out as good as you had hoped it would?

Jon said...

You should never apoligise for taking time off from blogging... Just say, "Hey, I'm back... I hope you missed me"

Dried peaches yum. I like a lot of dried fruits, but I have not tried persimmons (dried or fresh).

~Deb said...

Well, I’ve been away from my computer for the past few days too. I fell down a flight of stairs and well…ka-boom! In pain. Ugh.

Fruit. I hate fruit. Any kind of fruit---dried out, fresh or just plain old and crusty---hate fruit. I take vitamin C ---2000mg per day. Hopefully that’ll work. I got that from my mother’s side. We love veggies---we eat every vegetable available.

Tomatoes. Does that count as fruit? I eat those. Avocados----eat that too. Yeah I know, not too good with the waistline, but so worth it!

Sugadaddies….naw….try getting a sugamama…they work much better and do a whole lotta’ house cleaning too! (haha) There’s the female chauvinist pig in me….(not male) … Hmm…

It’s nice that you are able to appreciate the little things in life…a good cup of java, a long talk with a friend on the phone (hint hint) … and socks with no holes. Beautiful. You remind me a lot of Madelene -- so appreciative about the smallest things. Yet-----you are high maintenance, aren’t you??? Come on---someone’s gotta relate to me!!!

Hope you’re doing well. I’m always keeping tabs on your blog girly girl. When we going out?

~Deb said...

And yes...I have missed you terribly.

tamar said...

green~ thanks! I wasn't 100% pleased with it; It looked great at the ink stage, then it changed a little.. I hate that. you should try a dried peach! the flavor is intensified w dehydration..

jon~ you're not missing much.. but I saved one for just such a purpose..

deblet! you fell down some stairs? aw, I'm sorry.. Are you ok? You never eat fruit? How could I have missed that about you.. It's true, I never remember seeing fruit at your shindogs.. shindigs! haha.. even those fruity martinis I try to pawn off on you.. my lichitinis.. not your cup of tea..
my papa quoted my blog to me! but no one will believe it because he REFUSES to leave a comment! Enough of all the voyeurism, for crying out loud!!
I miss you too.. Aww.. Lets do the old Napper Tandy's..

~Deb said...

I really loved your lichitinis---THOSE were incredible! I even ate the little fruity things at the end of the tinis... I want you to make those for me again!

And PAPA, come talk to us! Don't be shy...we don't bite...well...I do once in a blue moon...

My dad doesn't comment either Tamar, but that's because he thinks the 'internet' is the intercom' and the 'laptop' is the 'blacktop'...he's so screwed up.


tamar said...

deb deb, I'd be happy to make you a lichitini, anytime;-) Ha ha, we live 5 miles from each other and communicate thru a blog comment section! aren't we characters? I .. you know.. I'll call you this weekend.. ;-)

anika said...

oh! these lichitinis you talk of sound muy delicioso...i can't believe abba found you...abba? u out there? ya reading this? oh tamar! i just want you to know, i had to start an account to leave the last comment...that's niece committment right there, and now, i can feel the addiction rising.

tamar said...

~anika niece commitment! yes, you win the prize for sure! a free trip to nyc for fun and excitement!! xx
(p.s. check out my first blog.. I had to open this blog to comment on by buddy deb's blog)